BEIS/Nesta Research & Development spatial data tool


In this project, BEIS

and Nesta
have co-developed a research and development (R&D) spatial data tool, that allows users to access, visualise and compare indicators that show the scale of R&D systems at a subregional level. The tool is an open data repository
, giving access to R&D related indicators broken down by place and time, with associated easy-to-use visualisation options (such as line charts and choropleths).

The indicators are wide-ranging and capture various dimensions of R&D ecosystems including public R&D, knowledge exchange and university commercialisation, private R&D and places attracting R&D firms and workers. With this tool users can access, visualise and explore the indicators, using it as a foundation for further analysis - with the goal of informing policies to drive R&D, innovation and growth across all of the UK.

All this work has been performed with support from BEIS.

The framework

Our indicators are arranged in four broad categories.

Public R&D

Measuring the quantity and excellence of R&D activity taking place in higher education institutions in a region.

Knowledge exchange and university commercialisation

Measuring the connectivity between higher education institutions in a region and the wider economy.

Private R&D

Measuring the level of R&D activity and innovative outputs in the private sector in a region.

Places attracting R&D firms and workers

Measuring wider infrastructures and framework conditions in a region that might drive - or hinder - its innovative performance.